What Invoice Gates’ World Agenda May Imply for Humanity

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Dr. Mercola Interviews the Specialists

This text is a part of a weekly collection wherein Dr. Mercola interviews numerous specialists on quite a lot of well being points. To see extra professional interviews, click on here.

On this interview, Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., discusses the significance and advantages of regenerative agriculture and a future Regeneration Worldwide undertaking that we’ll be collaborating on.

We’re at the moment dealing with enormously highly effective technocrats who’re hell-bent on ushering in the Great Reset, which can full the continuing switch of wealth and useful resource possession from the poor and center lessons to the ultra-rich. Maybe probably the most well-known of the people pushing for that is Invoice Gates who, like John Rockefeller a century earlier than him, rehabilitated his sorely tarnished picture by turning to philanthropy.

Nonetheless, Gates’ model of philanthropy, thus far, has helped few and harmed many. Whereas his PR machine has managed to show public opinion about him such that many now view him as a international savior who donates his wealth for the nice of the planet, nothing might be farther from the reality.

Gates’ Stranglehold on World Well being

The magnitude of Gates’ position over international well being lately dawned on me. I imagine the COVID-19 disaster would not have been doable had it not been for the World Well being Group, which Gates seems to exert shadow-control over. Bear in mind, it was primarily the WHO that facilitated this international shutdown and adoption of freedom-robbing, economy-destroying measures by nearly each authorities on the planet.

When then-President Trump halted U.S. funding of the WHO in 2020, Gates turned the most important funder of the WHO. As defined in “WHO Insider Blows Whistle on Gates and GAVI,” the WHO has turned international well being safety right into a dictatorship, the place the director basic has assumed sole energy to make selections that member states should abide by, however in response to a long-term WHO insider, Gates’ vaccine alliance GAVI truly seems to be the directing energy behind the WHO.

The 2 — Gates and the WHO — have been working hand in hand pushing for a world vaccination marketing campaign, and Gates has an excessive amount of cash invested in these vaccines. We have additionally seen extraordinary efforts to censor pure alternate options and cheap, available and clearly efficient medicine, comparable to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and it seems the rationale for that is in all probability as a result of they’re rivals to the vaccine.

Emergency use authorization for pandemic vaccines are solely given when there are not any different therapies, so vilifying alternate options has been a key technique to guard vaccine earnings.

The Parallels Between Rockefeller and Gates

As famous by Shiva, the comparisons between Rockefeller and Gates are fairly apt. Rockefeller created not simply Large Oil but additionally Large Finance and Large Pharma. He had intimate connections with IG Farben.1 There was a Customary Oil IG Farben firm. With out the fossil fuels of Customary Oil, IG Farben could not have made artificial fertilizers or fuels.

In 1910, Rockefeller and Carnegie produced The Flexner Report,2 which was the start of the tip for pure drugs within the typical medical college curriculum. They eradicated it as a result of it noticed pure drugs as a massively aggressive risk to the brand new prescription drugs that had been primarily derived from the oil business.

A lot of Rockefeller’s historical past has been captured by Lily Kay,3 who sifted by Molecular Imaginative and prescient of Life’s archives. There, she found that the Nazi regime, which was a eugenics regime that thought some folks had been inferior and wanted to be exterminated to maintain the superior race pure, did not vanish when Germany misplaced the struggle.

Eugenics simply migrated to the U.S., and was taken up by Rockefeller beneath the time period of “social psychology as organic determinants.” The phrase gene didn’t exist at the moment. As an alternative, they known as it “atoms of determinism.” Rockefeller paid for a lot of the eugenics analysis, which finally resulted within the silencing and suppression of true well being.

To be wholesome means to be entire, and wholeness refers back to the “self-organized brilliance of your built-in physique as a fancy system,” Shiva says. That is what Ayurveda relies on, and even this historic system of drugs has been attacked in latest occasions. The notion of genetic dedication ignores this foundational wholeness, in search of as an alternative to divide the human physique into mechanical elements managed by your genes.

“Coming again to the parallels, Rockefeller was behind it as a result of he was driving the chemical business. When the wars had been over, they stated, ‘Oh my gosh, now we have all these chemical substances to promote.’ And so they invented the Inexperienced Revolution and pushed the Inexperienced Revolution on India.

Rockefeller, the World Financial institution, the USA all labored collectively, and if the farmers of India are protesting at present, it is a results of Rockefeller’s initiative, the Inexperienced Revolution in India. Most individuals do not understand what excessive price India has borne; what excessive price the state of Panjon has born.

Then you might have Gates becoming a member of up with Rockefeller and creating the Alliance for the Inexperienced Revolution in Africa (AGRA) … which pretends to be his resolution to local weather change. I say, ‘My god, what sort of stage has the world reached that absolute nonsense can go the science?’ I will offer you simply three examples from his chapter on agriculture, wherein he talks about how we develop issues.

To begin with, crops will not be issues. Vegetation are sentient beings. Our tradition is aware of it. Now we have the sacred tulsi. Now we have the sacred neem. We have the sacred banyan. They’re sentient beings. So many individuals are awake to animal rights. I believe we want extra folks awake to plant rights and actually inform Mr. Gates, ‘No, crops will not be issues.’

He goes on to rejoice Norman Borlaug, who was within the DuPont protection lab, whose job it was to push these 4 chemical substances by adapting the crops [to them]. So, he created the dwarf selection, as a result of the tall varieties are free varieties … [Gates] says we’re consuming meals due to Borlaug. No, persons are ravenous due to Borlaug. The farmers are dying due to Borlaug.”

Gates Gives Issues as Options

Gates hails artificial fertilizer is the best agricultural invention. “Does not he notice artificial nitrogen fertilizers are creating desertification, lifeless zones within the ocean, and nitrous oxide, which is a greenhouse gasoline?” Shiva says. In brief, he is providing the issue as the answer. Gates additionally, apparently, doesn’t perceive that nitrogen-fixing crops can repair nitrogen. He incorrectly claims that crops can’t repair nitrogen.

Gates is equally flawed about methane manufacturing from livestock. “Have you ever smelt methane behind nomadic tribes?” Shiva asks. “Have you ever ever smelt methane behind our sacred cow in India? No, they do not emit methane.” The rationale cows in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) emit methane that stinks to excessive heaven is as a result of they’re fed an unnatural eating regimen of grains and positioned in crowded quarters. It is not a pure phenomenon. It is a man-made one.

“You understand what Mr. Gates desires to show us? He says cows make methane due to their poor stomachs,” Shiva says. “They name them containers. I believe we should always sue him for undoing fundamental biology 101. You have talked about how he controls the WHO. He is additionally making an attempt to take management of the Meals and Agricultural Group (FAO).

[FAO] has acknowledged ecological agriculture is the best way to go and supported [regenerative] agriculture up till final yr, when Gates began to take cost. Now he is shifting the meals summit to New York. 5 hundred organizations have stated, ‘That is now not a meals summit, it is a poison summit. The poison cartel and Invoice Gates are working it to push extra poisons, now beneath new names. So, now we have a variety of work to do.'”

The reply to the environmental issues we face shouldn’t be extra of the very issues that created the issues within the first place, which is what Gates proposes. The reply is regenerative agriculture and actual meals.

“When persons are maintaining a healthy diet meals, there isn’t any downside,” Shiva says. “[Gates] desires to commit a criminal offense in opposition to our intestine microbiome, pushing extra pretend meals by Not possible Meals. And he desires to create circumstances in order that actual meals will disappear. That is why all of us have to arrange collectively and the scientists have to start out being protected.

There’s an extinction happening. They name it the sixth mass extinction. Most individuals assume the sixth mass extinction is about different species. They do not notice giant components of humanity are being pushed to extinction. Meals is well being, as Hippocrates stated, [and that requires] indigenous techniques of studying, ecological agriculture, small farmers.

In Invoice Gates’ design, all this that makes life, life, that makes society, society, that makes neighborhood, neighborhood, that makes wholesome beings, he want to push this to extinction as a result of he is afraid of independence, freedom, well being and our beingness. He desires us to be ‘thingness,’ however we’re beings …

The worst crime in opposition to the Earth and in opposition to humanity is utilizing gene modifying applied sciences for gene drives, which is a collaboration of Gates with DARPA, the protection analysis system. Gene drives are intentionally driving [us] to extinction. Now he does it within the identify of ending malaria. No. It is about driving to extinction.

Amaranth is a sacred meals for us. It is a very, crucial supply of vitamin … There’s an software in that DARPA-Gates report of driving the amaranth to extinction by gene rights. And when this was raised on the Conference on Organic Range, have you learnt what he did? He truly employed a public relations company and bribed authorities representatives to not say no. Are you able to think about?”

Gates’ Lengthy-Time period Play

Gates clearly had a long-term imaginative and prescient in thoughts from the beginning. His rising management of the WHO started over a decade in the past. Over this span of time, he additionally began transitioning into Large Pharma and the fake food industry, which might permit his affect over the WHO’s international well being suggestions to essentially repay.

Whereas pretend meals have many potential issues, one specifically is elevated ranges of the omega-6 fats linoleic acid (LA). In case you eat actual meals, you are going to get greater than sufficient LA. Our industrial Western eating regimen, nonetheless, offers way over is wanted for optimum well being already, and engineered meats are notably loaded with LA, as they’re made with genetically modified soy oil and canola oil.

This huge extra of LA will encourage and promote nearly all degenerative illnesses, thereby accelerating the destruction of human well being. Along with that, Gates can be investing in prescription drugs, which in fact are touted because the reply to degenerative illness. Once more, his options to sick well being are literally the issue.
Shiva says:

“Gates … [is] getting into each subject that has to do with life. Our work in Navdanya, which implies 9 seeds, is mainly work on biodiversity in agriculture. We began to deliver collectively all of the work that he is doing in taking on. I discussed the Rockefeller Inexperienced Revolution, now the Gates-Rockefeller Inexperienced Revolution in Africa. The following step he desires to push is … digital agriculture.

He calls it Gates Ag One,4 and the headquarters of that is precisely the place the Monsanto headquarters are, in St. Louis, Missouri. Gates Ag One is one [type of] agriculture for the entire world, organized high down. He is written about it. Now we have a complete part on it in our new report,5 ‘Gates to a World Empire.'”

Stolen Farmer Information Is Repackaged and Bought Again to Them

What does digital agriculture entail? For starters, it entails the introduction of a digital surveillance system. To this point, Shiva’s group has managed to forestall Gates from introducing a seed surveillance startup, the place farmers wouldn’t be allowed to develop seeds except accepted by Gates surveillance system.

The info mining, Shiva says, is wanted as a result of they do not truly know agriculture. Because of this Gates funds the policing of farmers. He must mine their information to find out how farming is truly accomplished. This data is then repackaged and bought again to the farmers. It is evil genius at its most interesting.

By his funding, Gates now additionally controls the world’s seed provide, and his financing of gene modifying analysis has undercut biosafety legal guidelines the world over. As defined by Shiva, the one nation that does not have biosafety legal guidelines is the U.S. “The remainder of the world does as a result of now we have a treaty known as the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety,” she says.

“Whereas he created the looks of philanthropy, what he is doing is giving tiny bits of cash to very important establishments. However with these bits of cash, they entice authorities cash, which was working these establishments. Now, due to his clout, he takes management of the agenda of those establishments. Within the meantime, he is pushing patenting, be it on medicine, vaccines or on seeds.”

Taken collectively, Gates finally ends up wielding huge management over international agriculture and meals manufacturing, and there’s nearly no proof to recommend he has good intentions.

The Anatomy of Monopolization

The corporate that collects patents on gene-edited organisms, each in well being and agriculture, is Editas, based by a most important monetary investor for the Gates Basis. Gates can be a giant investor in Editas.

“So, this is an organization known as Editas to edit the world as whether it is a Phrase program. The 2 scientists who received the Nobel Prize this yr have each been funded of their analysis by Gates. My thoughts went again to how Rockefeller financed the analysis, received the Nobel Prize, after which made the cash.

So, you financial the analysis. Then you definitely finance the general public establishments, whether or not they be nationwide or worldwide. You make investments and power them down the trail the place they’ll solely use what’s your patented mental property. And, as he has stated in an interview, his smartest funding was vaccines, as a result of it’s a 1-to-20 return. Put $1 in and make $20. What number of billions of {dollars} have been put in? You’ll be able to think about what number of trillions can be made.

On the finish of it, the place does meals come from? It comes from seed. He desires to manage it. It comes from land. He is controlling that. He is turned the most important farmland proprietor [in the U.S.]. However you want climate [control]. You want a secure local weather.

So, what might be a weapon of management of agriculture? Climate modification. He calls it geoengineering. This is engineering of the local weather. Once more, making it seem like he will resolve international warming by creating international cooling.”

As defined by Shiva, Gates is additionally closely invested in local weather modification applied sciences that not solely will destabilize the earth’s local weather techniques extra, but additionally might be weaponized in opposition to the folks by controlling rainfall and drought. In India, they have been having huge hail throughout harvest time, which destroys the harvest.

Is the UN Subservient to Gates?

Based on Shiva, Gates can be corrupting the United Nations system, similar to he is corrupted world governments and the WHO, and in so doing, he is destroying the efforts constructed over the past three a long time to guard the worldwide atmosphere.

“Whether or not or not it’s the local weather treaty, the biodiversity treaty or the atmospheric treaties, he’s completely behaving as if the UN is his subservient establishment,” Shiva says. “[He thinks] governments and regulatory our bodies shouldn’t exist … and that individuals in democracy don’t have any enterprise to talk. [If they do], they’re conspiracy theorists.”

Taking Down Gates’ Empires

Because it stands proper now, odd persons are compelled to struggle battles which can be essentially rooted in institutional, structural and societal crimes. These crimes actually must be addressed the best way Rockefeller’s Customary Oil empire was addressed. Within the case of Gates, his empire is definitely a number of empires, and so they all must be dismantled. To that finish, I can be collaborating with Shiva and Regeneration Worldwide, which she co-founded, on a undertaking to boycott Gates’ empires.

“I’ve observed that it doesn’t matter what the motion, they’re utilizing the phrase regeneration now. It might be a well being motion, a democracy motion, a peace motion, a girls’s motion — everybody has realized that regeneration is what now we have to shift to,” Shiva says.

“So, what can we must be doing within the subsequent decade? For me, the subsequent decade is the figuring out decade, as a result of these petty minds’ insatiable greed wish to go so quick that if, within the subsequent decade, we do not shield what has to be protected, construct resilient alternate options and take away the sainthood from this felony, they are going to depart nothing a lot to be saved.

The poison cartel can be huge pharma. Folks assume agriculture is right here, drugs is there. No. The identical felony firms gave us agrichemicals. They gave us unhealthy drugs that creates extra illness than it solves. So, Large Pharma, Large Ag, Large Poison — it is all one. And Invoice Gates is holding all of it collectively much more, and making an attempt to make them greater as a result of he has investments in all of them …

I believe [seeds] is the place now we have to start … I am hoping that we can be ready, collectively, to launch a world motion quickly to take again our seeds from the worldwide seed banks. The technique is we have to remind the world that these are public establishments [and] that they are accountable to the farmers whose collections these [seeds] are …

On the meals query, I believe that is the massive one as a result of meals and well being go [together]. In Ayurveda, it says meals is one of the best drugs, and if you do not eat good meals, then no drugs can treatment no matter illness you might have. The greatest drugs is sweet consuming. And Hippocrates stated ‘Let meals be thy drugs.’ So, I believe that is the time to essentially develop a really huge international marketing campaign for meals freedom.

Meals freedom means you can’t destroy our proper to develop meals. Secondly, you can’t destroy our governments’ obligations to us to assist regenerative agriculture fairly than assist degenerative agriculture and subsidize it. And third, I believe we should always name for a worldwide boycott of lab meals …

One other a part of this ought to be, do not let huge tech enter our our bodies. Let huge tech not enter life sciences … These guys will make life unlawful. Residing can be unlawful besides as a little piece of their machine by their permission.”

Every year, Navdanya holds a two-week marketing campaign on meals freedom beginning October 2, which is nonviolence day. We now must take that marketing campaign to the worldwide stage, and I’ll do my half to assist this effort. So, mark your calendar and put together to affix us in a world boycott of meals that makes you sick — processed meals, GMO meals, lab-created meals, pretend meats, all of it.

Extra Info

You’ll be able to be taught extra about Shiva’s work and her many initiatives on Navdanya.org. In the course of the first week of April yearly, Navdanya offers a five-day course known as Annam, Food as Health, by way of Zoom. On this course, you will find out about soil and plant biodiversity and wholesome consuming for optimum well being.

You may as well be taught extra by studying the report “Earth Rising, Women Rising: Regenerating the Earth, Seeding the Future,” written by feminine farmers. And, once more, mark your calendars and plan your participation within the meals freedom marketing campaign, beginning October 2, 2021.

“When all of the non secular forces, all of nature’s forces and most of folks’s forces are aligned collectively, what can [a few] billionaires, technocrats — who wish to be richer than they’re, greedier than they’re, extra violent than they’re — do?” Shiva says. “They do not rely in the long term, actually. It is simply that we can’t afford to not do the issues that we are able to do.”

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